Prince Mishka Delani

He'll come and go as he pleases




A spirited young prince, who despite his mother’s blessing to marry for love, has chosen to keep with tradition and marry into the faith. While his mother lucked into love with her priest husband, he has found no one particularly special to marry. His mother intends to abdicate the throne to him soon and he thinks that it’s about time to take a wife. He has great pride in his country and takes his role very seriously. He is much adored by his subjects and admired by the other leaders of the great nations. He is very much his mother’s son; his mother is responsible for preventing a race war between the vampires and fey, leads the world’s Council of Seven and has reigned over what is considered a century long golden age. He has great anxiety of whether he will measure up against the greatness of his mother and father, who are considered heroes by all. While he is a charmer and quick to laugh, he can be deadly serious and has a harsh temper, something his mother and father have tried to temper out of him. His patron god is Mirakai. His marque is a queen bee.

Prince Mishka Delani

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