Oracle Lilliana Malnasta

Your Escort Quest Objective!




Her patron god is Larcu.
Her marque is a white hare.
Betrothed to Prince Mishka, sacrificial oracle who is to go on a pilgrimage to attain godhood. Has been raised all her life to be the perfect oracle and is considered extremely talented. Will become the queen of the vampire empire of Shev’Delaine if she successfully comes into her godhead. It is more than likely that she will be simply consumed by the forces that be if she is deemed unworthy. She is an extremely passive and reserved young woman, perceived as severe and austere by some and serene by others. Generally speaking, she seems to be completely unfazed by her probably impending doom, or if not that, loveless political marriage. She seems to be particularly ambivalent to Prince Mishka and Queen Shilane has great reservations about her becoming queen. Many consider her to be incredibly dull as her entire world seems to revolve around her enforced destiny and life as an oracle.

Oracle Lilliana Malnasta

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